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  • Abby Cook, MA, LPC, CCTP, CAADC

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    Life is hard! Realizing you need help is a huge step in the process of change. It takes courage and strength. I am passionate about helping people heal from the struggle of traumatic experiences or severe life stressors to assist them in developing a greater quality of life. I work with adolescents, adults, and families, helping them process difficult situations and build healthy emotion regulation and relational interactions to increase peace and hope. I have provided therapeutic services in a variety of clinical mental health settings for 14 years working with children ages 5 years old through adults age 85 years old. I am a trained professional with specialty certifications in trauma, addiction, suicide prevention, and EMDR. The theory and practices of my counseling services are anchored in my Christian faith. I am greatly honored to be invited into your personal struggles to help carry the burden and work together to build lasting change.