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  • Resurrection Rhymes

    Resurrection: power,
    My high tower,
    Prophecy writ:
    Escape from the pit,
    Abraham’s wish,
    Death extinguished,
    Shame scorned,
    Satan warned,
    Fiery hell fought,
    Righteousness bought,
    Empty tomb,
    Redemption’s womb,
    Trinity’s missile,
    Cosmic ripple,
    World’s rescue,
    Tear’s tissue,
    New birth’s earnest,
    Salvation’s furnace,
    Healing sun,
    Victory won,
    New clothes,
    No more foes,
    Battle cry,
    Hope lifted high,
    Joy’s fountain,
    Fear’s mountain,
    Faith’s feast,
    Gospel’s yeast,
    New creation,
    My narration,
    Embodied soul,
    To heaven whole,
    Story’s best part,
    God’s highest art.